Day 3: Saturday, May 25


Saturday morning started bright and early. Actually, the sun was not yet up as we got out of bed and walked up the hill to meet our families in the middle of the village. Every Saturday morning the whole village wakes up early and runs in Mucaka Mucaka. As soon as everyone was at their spots, groups started running and chanting support in Kinyarwanda. We jogged around the village as the sun began to rise ending up by the school where we did stretches. Then we went down to the soccer field where we played a game involving two teams who each had a stick and ran around in circles to catch each other. Then a breakfast of porridge and roll, where we saw some of the students performing traditional Rwandan dance on the porch. We then head out to our farm locations, to do work around the village. Some of us hoed the weeds out of roads, some of us shoveled manure, and some moved pipes. It was good, solid work. We hung out with some of the kids we met for a little while, and some of us were invited to their houses to hang out. We all came back and chilled out at our house before going to the school to have a discussion on our obligation to help those in need. We had a good talk about international aid and personal obligation that really stimulated our thoughts on our visit. We hung out for the rest of the day, playing basketball and watching the soccer game between two houses of boys. As the moon was rising it took a beautiful orange hue, similar to the color of the dirt we had worked in all day. We had dinner and then reflected on our days. Some of us then watched the football (soccer) game in the dining hall with many of the students—Bayern Munich won!!

Marakoze Chane!

Ryan  and Ish

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