Day 9: Thursday, May 30th (BEST DAY EVER)

We think everyone can agree that today was one of the best days we have had on this trip thus far.Today we spent our whole day at the village. We did Tikkun Olam(Repair the World) with Senior 5. We split up into three groups with each group going to different villages. I ( Anna) went to the Liquidnet Family High School in the village and watched the students teach local adults English. Then me Paige, Charlotte, and Naomi got in the front of the classroom and taught parts of the body including a rousing rendition of head shoulders knees and toes. We came back and did EP’s ( Enrichment Programs with the kids) I went to carpentry and learned how to use a saw! I then got my hair done by a group of Senior 4 girls who could not get over my curly hair.

During the reflection at the end of the day everyone had extremely positive things to say regarding the day. These are few of the thoughts that people shared with the group:

Charlotte had a great time at her house Mama’s birthday party. There was a cake and candles and they danced to candy shop by 50 cent

Ryan had the time of his life riding in the back of a pick-up truck with 23 of his closest friends after teaching English at a primary school.

Anna celebrated not only two birthdays, but also Joan of Arc day with the Joan of Arc family (her family for the week).

Zuri loved bonding with her beautiful new friends in JFK house and hated to say goodbye to her new Mama.

Shane had serious fomo (fear of missing out) because he didn’t get to ride on the pick-up truck, but who cares because he did ride on a moto earlier in the week on the way back from a nearby lake.

Sam enjoyed drinking whole milk with chunks of fat in it…..he hates milk by the way.

These are just a few of the stories, we are now headed to bed so that we can wake up at 5am for our safari trip.


Anna and Zuri

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